ABS2 INC. (Advanced Bulk Storage Solution, Inc.) is the exclusive representative of dome technology in the Philippines. Dome Technology is a pioneer in dome storage solutions that outperform traditional silos and flat storage. For more than 35 years, it has been building domes that last longer, hold more, and move more product than other bulk-storage options on the market.

   Custom material-handling systems that not only move product inside the structure but outside as well are included. The company plans smart by relying on a design-build model, creating domes and systems that’ll work in unified ways. Its approach results in quicker construction and cost savings too. Dome Technology built its reputation designing and constructing some of the largest and most sophisticated concrete dome structures in the world. For over 35 years, the company developed expertise unique among engineers and contractors that qualifies them to deliver not just the dome, but entire building projects.

   Customers can benefit significantly from an integrated design-build approach that reduces waste, shortens turnaround, and improves the operation of interdependent systems. The thin-shell concrete dome developed by Dome Technology has proven to be one of the most diversely capable structures in the world. Whether for industrial bulk storage, wide-span coverings, or disaster-resistant structures, this technology has been proven to deliver capabilities that cannot be matched by other building methods.


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We offer custom material-handling
systems that not only move product
inside the structure but outside as well.


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