2465 Air Operated Deadweight Piston Gage from RUSKA.

  • Accuracy of 35ppm
  • N.I.S.T. Transfer Standard
  • Calibration of High accuracy calibrator
Portable Pressure Calibrator/ On-SiteĀ 
Accuracy of 0.05% of indicated value.
Calibration of test gages, switches, transmitters, vacuum gages, barometers etc.
  • Uncertainty of 0.03%
  • Covers virtually any pressure application including gage, differential, dual (compound), absolute, and vacuum.

RUSKA 2465

Deadweight Piston Pressure Tester. The same equipment used as transfer standard for pressure by the U.S. NIST. GAS LUBRICATED PRECISION PISTON. Has an accuracy up to 15ppm, pressure range from 0.2 to 1000psi, sensitivity of less than 1ppm, highest accuracy nationwide, calibration in cage or absolute mode. Used fot the calibration of pressure calibrators and test gages.

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